Saturday, February 7, 2015's been a LOOOOONG time!!  I apologize for not blogging more - life seems to get in the way :)  

How is the year going?   I have to say, this is one of the best classes I have ever had.  Maybe it is that I have changed things so much!!  This year I started doing The Daily 5.  My first graders love it!!  We went on a field trip and they complained that we didn't do the Daily 5 today!!!  How awesome is that?  My kids WANT to read!!!!  And read they have been doing!!  Writing too :)  I also mix in a lot of Kagan Cooperative Learning structures - it works so well together.  Sit and read or write - get up and do a structure :)

Math, well math is still a struggle for some.  However, by using lots of Kagan Cooperative learning structures, they are finally getting it.

Wishing for at least a snow day or two - in southwest Ohio we have only had one and that was before Christmas!!  Time for another one or two!!!

Hope everyone is having a great year!  Hopefully I'll be blogging more often!!!

Here is a link to a new product I just made for math.  It is for non-standard measurement - comparing two items.

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